Much to the delight of our clients, our household helpers have returned to work and are following the strict COVID-19 rules and regulations.

>>> Instructions Covid-19

>>> Contact person COVID-19 : Benoit Biettlot  @ covid19@aaxe.be // Tel : 02 770 70 68

Many thanks to our clients for their confidence and hospitality.

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Information for our household helpers

Concerns? Questions?
The Aaxe Titres-Services team makes every effort to help its employees. Here are some questions that come up a lot.

What steps are required to obtain your replacement income?

Aaxe Titres-Services’ social secretariat communicates all the necessary information to the National Employment Agency (RvA/ONEM).

As soon as she doesn’t have any work, the household helper needs to inform the NEO, who will try to find her replacement work. If the NEO is unable to provide the household helper with replacement work, she will receive economic unemployment benefits on grounds of force majeure.

In the future, temporary half-day unemployment will be possible in the service voucher sector.

Use of the control card C3.2A – TEMPORARY UNEMPLOYMENT has been discontinued.

You don’t have to do anything :

If, during the last 3 years, you have been unemployed for economic reasons while working for Aaxe Titres-Services and weekly hours worked indicated in your contract have not changed since your last economic unemployment.

Otherwise, you must fill in the form C.3.2 on the CAPAC (social security) website (registration) or on your union’s website (don’t worry, you have until the beginning of April to do so and these sites are at the moment slow because of the many visitors).

  • In all other cases
  • And even if you are over 65
  • Link Onem

Can our household helpers still do their job?

Our household helpers can keep doing their job in accordance with COVID measures.
Our ironing centres are also open in accordance with COVID measures.

What about the Aaxe Titres-Services offices?

The Aaxe Titres-Services team remains at your disposal for any enquiries by email (dienstencheques@aaxe.be) or by telephone (our offices).

Can our household helpers come to the office?

Our household helpers come by to drop off their planning and paper service vouchers on the condition that they wear a mask, respect the social distancing (1m50) and ‘one person per 10 square meter’ rules, use disinfectant gel at their disposal, are not sick and don’t have a cough.
In order to avoid any contact or spread of the virus, we have also provided letterboxes at the entrance of our offices in case they have to drop off a medical certificate.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding while we work with minimum staff and while some of our employees are working from home or absent.
We wish everyone a lot of courage in these particularly difficult times. It’s in everyone’s best interest to follow the government’s instructions!

Information for our clients

The Aaxe Titres-Services offices

Our administrative staff is either working from home or from the office in compliance with COVID measures (face mask, strict hygiene, disinfectant gel, social distancing…).

The Aaxe Titres-Services team remains at your disposal for any enquiries by email ( dienstencheques@aaxe.be ) or by telephone ( our offices ) .

Your household helper

Our household helpers work in accordance with COVID measures.

Ironing centres

Our ironing centres are open in accordance with COVID measures.


Many of you are wondering what to do with service vouchers that are about to expire:



Dear client, thank you for your understanding and support in this unprecedented crisis where everyone’s health is of primary concern.


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