Why choose Aaxe?

You work or your business does not leave you the time to clean up your private home. Call our experienced housekeepers. You will be able thanks to this professional of the cleaning of your house or your apartment to take care of your activities (work, relaxation, leisures …) in peace.

Upon your return, you will find a clean house thanks to the efficiency of the housekeeper service-vouchers.

1. Experience

At Aaxe, we recruit household helpers who have already worked as household helpers, that is, those who have experience. We give them training during their employment with Aaxe.

We ask people for whom they have already worked to give us references. In this way, customers can testify to their housekeeping skills. This allows us to provide you with reliable household helpers.

2. Training

  • We organise training even for older domestic workers. We offer this every month. These courses are themed.
  • Cleaning techniques
  • Products to use
  • Learning French for those who do not speak it as their mother tongue
  • Ergonomics to protect their body when carrying loads.
  • The art and techniques of ironing
  • These training courses make our domestic staff even more reliable.

3. Insurance

The advantage of a household helper who has an employment contract with Aaxe is that she has insurance that covers her for accidents in the workplace or on the way to work. Despite her experience and skills, the household worker is still at risk of causing damage. This is why Aaxe has ensured that household workers are also covered by liability insurance, i.e. for any damage they may cause to a customer by their own act or fault.

4. At your service

In our offices, our employees listen to customers. We source the household helper who has the skills to meet your needs. So we make sure that she can easily get to your home. That she has the skills relevant to your request. It is important for some clients, such as older customers, that the household helpers are patient. Other customers with children, for example, expect a dynamic household helper who loves children. And others want a very meticulous household helper…

  • Clients can always call our employees who remain attentive to their needs and requests to ensure a successful collaboration.

5. Organisation

Our employees look after the organisation of the schedules. It is necessary to meet the schedule demands of customers during working hours on weekdays or Saturdays. Some of our domestic staff agree to work on Saturdays.

We ensure that the customer always has the same household helper. She knows the house and comes at regular intervals. For example, she comes on the same day of the week, every week, always at the same time, in the morning or afternoon, as agreed with the client. This builds the relationship between the client and the household helper.

When your household helper cannot come because of holidays or sickness, Aaxe offers you a substitute.  Clients can decide whether or not they want a substitute. The substitute will also be an experienced domestic worker, trained and with references.

6. Loyalty and motivation

Aaxe pays its domestic staff properly, generally better than the competition, so that they are loyal to our company and users. When employing them, we make sure our household helpers are willing, enthusiastic and motivated.

Our household helpers have a schedule that is carefully monitored by our department so that they arrive at the customer on time. If they have a problem on the road, we ask them to notify you by calling you or sending you a text message.