Our services

Aaxe is a company specialised in service vouchers that helps individuals all over the Brussels Region. We are the perfect solution for those who want to spend their time more useful!

How? By offering household help that will neatly and thoroughly take care of all cleaning jobs, various daily worries and household chores. Cleaning the house, cleaning the windows, ironing, grocery shopping, preparing meals and even small clothes adjustments are the various services that we can offer through service vouchers. This way you can catch your breath!

In addition to our 6 offices, we also have our own ironing centers in Diegem, Etterbeek, Molenbeek, Uccle and Woluwe.

How does domestic help with service vouchers work?

Stop dreading to go home because of the cleaning, laundry, ironing,… waiting for you. Thanks to Aaxe and the services with service vouchers we offer this is over. The household help does the household for you, so you can enjoy your free time!

Aaxe is active across Brussels and the surrounding area. One phone call and our domestic staff will be at your service to clean your home or help cook your favourite dishes! And don’t forget about our ironing centers, thanks to our ironing service you can collect your laundry perfectly ironed within 24 hours! What else do you want? Take advantage of our expertise!

Tasks of a household help

Your household help can clean your entire home, from cleaning the windows to mopping the floors. You can also ask the household help to empty the trash cans in your different rooms. It is useful if you and your family already sort the waste in advance, so that they can put paper, packaging and other waste in the right bin bags immediately.

Your household help from Aaxe can also help you as a cooking assistant with the preparation of small meals. For example, it can be useful that he or she helps you in the kitchen or prepares your meal. Important to know is to that your domestic help is helping out with the domestic work in your private home. It’s not the household help’s job to help in preparation of large parties or buffets for friends or family, but rather for the preparation of daily meals for the residents of the house.

Your household help can perform the following tasks:

  1. Cleaning your home (including window cleaning)
  2. Ironing your laundry, whether or not at the ironing center
  3. Help for linen and sewing (small clothing adjustments)
  4. Preparing meals
  5. Doing errands 


The worker may not be related, either by blood or marriage up to and including the second degree, to the user or to a family member of the user, nor can he/she live in the same residence as the user. (Article 3, 4th paragraph of the law on Proximity Services of 20 July 2001)

As required by the regulations, the worker’s planned schedule must be respected at all times. He/she must always carry it with him/her when he/she works. Any changes must be indicated in advance and the agency must also be notified.

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