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Read below the benefits you have when working as a household help with service vouchers for Aaxe.

1. Aaxe pays the household help in the first working days of the month.

2. The household help employed by us will receive a clear and comprehensive employment contract that guarantees total social protection.

3. We guarantee a full-fledged personnel service that represents the interests of the employees.

4. We offer a better salary than most competitors.

5. We reimburse transport costs in accordance with the statutory maximum.

6. We help our employees with the most administrative tasks that come with their work.

7. The household help gets working clothes (apron, polo, pants, shoes and gloves).

8. We also insure the household help for damage that they might accidentally cause to the customer.

9. We give the household help a mobile phone (smartphone) with a subscription that covers the professional costs, including the apps with which the performance can be entered in electronic service vouchers.

10. We insure household helpers in the event of an accident at work or on the way to work.

11. We provide training for employees and domestic workers.

  • French lessons for those who speak a different mother tongue
  • How to use of products, cleaning and ironing techniques
  • Ergonomics and body protection …
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At Aaxe we are always looking for new employees to strengthen the team of household helpers. We can offer our employees a nice package. Advantages for household aids that work for Aaxe are the following:

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Aaxe Titres Services has five offices in Brussels to provide services in 19 municipalities and the Brussels region.

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