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There are things you really want to do...
and those that you can unload to us!

Aaxe Titres-Services supplies household helpers (M/F) to private homes, in a fully legal scheme, for housework, window washing, ironing, preparing meals and small sewing jobs.

Just sign up! Aaxe does the rest for you.

In order to serve its clientele, Aaxe Service Vouchers has five offices spread around Brussels and five ironing centres. If you contact one of our branches, we will offer you the services of our home cleaning ladies, or our domestic help for your ironing. Our customer service staff will manage your requests, plan the work schedules of our workers or those who replace them, in order to guarantee total continuity and quality of our services.

The services are provided using the service voucher system. You buy paper or electronic service vouchers from Sodexo for a value of 9 euro per hour. This is after tax deduction or tax credit, depending on the region where your home is located. They will cost you 7.65 €/hour for the Brussels region, 8.10 €/hour for the Walloon Region and 6.30 €/hour for the Flemish Region. You will not be asked to pay anything extra.

In addition to cleaning your home or your second home, our domestic workers can prepare your meals, do your shopping, do your washing with your own washing machine or at the laundrette, do your ironing in your home or at one of our ironing centres, do any little sewing jobs, wash up and clean the windows.

Aaxe Service Vouchers is able to meet your needs thanks to over 2500 trained and motivated domestic workers.


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