Dear household workers, dear customers,

In the context of Covid-19, to respect the confinement recommended by the authorities and due to the large number of cancellations from our customers, we put all of our housekeepers on standby (collective economic unemployment) until April 19rd included.

Our offices remain open.


Our Ironing-shops have stopped their activities as well. 

Health is a priority and our society must be united.
Thanks for your understanding.

The Aaxe team

Are you looking for a housekeeper in Brussels ?

There are things you really want to do...
and those that you can unload to us!

Aaxe Titres-Services supplies household helpers (M/F) and home cleaning services to private homes, in a fully legal scheme, for housework, window washing, ironing, preparing meals and small sewing jobs. In order to serve its clientele, Aaxe Service Vouchers has different offices and ironing centers spread across Brussels. 

Aaxe’s services are provided according to the principle of service vouchers. You purchase paper or electronic service vouchers from Sodexo with a value of 9 euros per hour. Taxes or tax credits are still deducted from this, the amount depends on the region of your place of residence. After taxes, this deducts to € 7.65 / hour for the Brussels Region, € 8.10 / hour for the Walloon Region and € 6.30 / hour for the Flemish Region. You will not be charged for any additional costs.

In addition to cleaning your home or second home, our household helpers can also cook, buy your groceries, do your shopping, do your laundry indoors with your own washing machine or in the launderette, do your ironing at home or in one of our ironing centers, make minor adjustments to clothing, do the dishes and clean the windows.

Aaxe Service Checks is able to meet your needs thanks to 2,500 trained and motivated household helpers. In order to better serve its customers, Aaxe has six offices and ironing centers across Brussels. When you contact one of our offices, we propose the services of our household helpers for household work or for ironing work. Our client managers will handle your request and manage the planning of our workers or their replacements. This way we can offer you constant and qualitative performance. 

Just sign up! Aaxe does the rest for you.

Our services

Votre agence de titres-services à Bruxelles

Les prestations sont réalisées sous le principe des titres-services. Vous achetez auprès de Sodexo des titres-services papier ou électronique d’une valeur de 9 euros par heure. Ceux-ci après déduction fiscale ou crédit d’impôt, suivant la région de votre domicile, vous reviendrons à 7,65 €/heure pour la région bruxelloise, 8,10 €/heure pour la région wallonne et 6,30 €/heure pour la région flamande. Il ne vous sera demandé aucun frais supplémentaire.

Nos aides ménagères en plus du nettoyage de votre domicile ou de votre résidence secondaire, peuvent réaliser la préparation de vos repas, l’achat de vos courses, le nettoyage de votre linge avec votre machine à laver ou au lavoir, votre repassage à votre domicile ou dans l’une de nos centrales de repassage, vos petits travaux de couture, la vaisselle, et les vitres.

Aaxe Titres-services est à même de de répondre à vos besoins grâce à plus de 2500 aides ménagères formées et motivées.


Work areas

Zone désservie par nos agences titres-services