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Household helper

An Aaxe household assistant can help you with various household tasks besides cleaning, ironing and washings or sewing. These household tasks only cover small tasks. For example, activities that cannot be paid for with service vouchers are activities such as repairs, heavy work, renovations, wallpapering and painting, garden maintenance, care of children, care of the elderly or the sick, etc.

How can your household helper help?

The household help is allowed to clean indoors, but can also sweep or scrub the sidewalk, just like your patio or balcony. This way you can optimally enjoy the many household tasks that your experienced household help can perform for you.

Under the legislation currently in force for the three regions, your household help may perform the following activities:

  • Cleaning your home or second home
  • Cleaning the windows
  • Washing and ironing
  • Small sewing adjustments
  • Preparing meals
  • Doing small errands

You can read on the relevant pages about what your household help can do for you with regard to cleaning your home, cleaning the windows, ironing, washing and sewing.

Your household help from Aaxe can help you prepare small meals. For example, it can be useful that your household help helps you in the kitchen or prepares your meal. The services from Aaxe only cover small tasks performed in your private home. It can therefore not be used for the preparation of large parties or buffets for friends or family, but it can be used for the preparation of daily meals for the residents of the house.

Regarding to doing errands, this concerns small groceries that meet the daily needs of the user. For example: mail, bread, pharmacy, etc. The following items are not considered as daily needs: the purchase of furniture, household appliances, audiovisual equipment, the purchase of hot meals, the distribution of newspapers and magazines, etc.

How can we help you?

Aaxe Titres Services has five offices in Brussels to provide services in 19 municipalities and the Brussels region.

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