Service vouchers in Auderghem

Need to breathe, to take time for you and your family? Do you live in the municipality of Auderghem and are you looking for a housekeeper or a household help? Our Aaxe Titres-services agency is in charge of finding you the rare pearl.

Aaxe Titre-services undertakes to provide you with the services of a housekeeper or a trusted housekeeper at home. This one will be able in particular to take care of the cleaning of your house, the ironing of your linen as well as other minor household work of quality.

Why choose service vouchers?

The service voucher system allows you to benefit from the services of our cleaning ladies or home helpers without breaking the bank. The price of a service voucher is €9 per hour of service and is tax deductible. Thus, after tax reduction, it will only cost you €7.65 in the Brussels region, with a maximum of 163 deductible service vouchers.

Our housekeepers travel everywhere on the territory of the municipality of Auderghem for a minimum of 3 hours of home services.

Our Aaxe Titres-services agencies offer you the services of a household help to carry out the following work:

– Deep cleaning of your home by a housekeeper previously trained by us.
– Washing your windows
– Washing and ironing your laundry at home if you cannot drop it off at our ironing centres.
– The preparation of simple meals at your home and local shopping.
– Small sewing jobs

Aaxe Titres-services wants to be your essential partner for your requests for housekeepers or household help in the municipality of Auderghem and guarantees you competence, efficiency, punctuality and reliability.

Aaxe Titres-services is guaranteed cleanliness to allow you to relax and enjoy life.

Are you looking for a housekeeper in the Brussels region?