Housekeepers in Sint-Agatha-Berchem

Our service voucher office offers you many services delivered by competent and continuously trained housekeepers. They can take care of all the tasks that you find daunting or complicated. Daily tasks will be taken care of by our employees in your house, apartment or second residence in Berchem-Sainte-Agathe.

Why choose Aaxe service vouchers?

All of our employees have experience as housekeepers, plus we can provide references from their previous jobs. We also organize regular training on cleaning products and techniques, but also on the correct posture to adopt. Our housekeepers are covered by insurance that covers damage that could be caused by possible clumsiness or a combination of circumstances, but also during journeys.

Our team is committed to finding the household help that best suits your needs and your lifestyle. Ease of travel is also taken into account to assign you a collaborator, and as far as possible it will always be the same person so that they are familiar with your accommodation. In case of unavailability or holidays, we offer a replacement if you wish.

Say goodbye to household chores

Our housekeepers can not only take care of cleaning at floor level, furniture, kitchen tools and other surfaces, but also take on other tasks. Among these, storing groceries, running machines, ironing your laundry, brushing the sidewalk, preparing small meals, mending your clothes… The service voucher system is advantageous, because they are tax deductible, so remember -y to free up time for you and your family!

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