Service vouchers valid in Grimbergen

Do you live in Zaventem and want to make life more comfortable and have more free time? Our Aaxe Titres-Services agency puts you in touch with cleaners and housekeepers to help you and take care of the most annoying tasks. At Aaxe, we believe that everyone should have the right to a clean and tidy home, especially people who are regularly overworked. Do you work or take care of children? Entrust your cleaning to a professional!

It is recommended that you provide all the necessary materials for cleaning in your accommodation in Grimbergen. Our cleaning lady that we will have assigned to you will then be able to carry out the tasks that you ask her to carry out without any problem. For your comfort, she will do the cleaning and laundry at your home. Do not hesitate to use your service vouchers for more specific household tasks such as dusting your furniture, disinfecting common areas or washing your dishes from the last few days. There is no obligation on the number of things to do, but our employee will only travel for a minimum of 3 hours of service.

Uncompromising flexibility

Our service voucher agency bends over backwards so that the inhabitants of Grimbergen can benefit from the same quality services as everyone else. Our account managers take care of the management of the agendas of all our employees. Our staff will find a time slot that suits you. Call us and tell us about your needs:

the size of your home
the services you need
the composition of your household (children, animals)

Then, we will choose the employee who will best adapt to your situation and who will be the most efficient. Whether you are teleworking or in the office, we will adapt the schedule so that you never have to change your schedule to take advantage of our services. Call us now!

Are you looking for a housekeeper in the Grimbergen region?