Service vouchers valid in Zaventem

Do you live in Zaventem and want to make your life easier? Our Aaxe Titres-Services agency puts you in touch with cleaners and housekeepers to support you in your most difficult days. At Aaxe, we believe that clean housing is a right accessible to everyone, even the most overwhelmed people. Work or family should not be an obstacle to your comfort.

It is recommended that you make available, in your accommodation in Zaventem, all the necessary equipment so that the housekeeper we have assigned to you can carry out the requested task(s) without difficulty. For your comfort, she will do the cleaning and ironing at your home. Do not hesitate to use your service vouchers for more specific household tasks such as dusting your furniture, disinfecting common areas or washing your dishes that have accumulated in recent days.

Flexible hours

Our Service Voucher agency is dedicated to ensuring that residents of Zaventem can benefit from the same quality services as everyone else. Our account managers are responsible for managing the schedules of all our employees. They will be able to find you a time slot that suits you. Like everyone else, your daily life is hectic and managing your chores may not be a priority. This is why we adapt to your availability. When you get home from work, what could be better than finding clean accommodation, shiny dishes, your meal already ready and your shopping done and put away?

Our competent staff has already proven itself throughout the Brussels region and our customers have always been satisfied with our services. Why not you ? Don’t wait any longer to use your service vouchers in our agency!

Are you looking for a housekeeper in the Brussels region?