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1730 Kobbegem

Looking for domestic help in the  1730 Kobbegem municipality? Aaxe Service Vouchers has just the person you are looking for close to home.

Contact our Saint-Michel branch or our Jubilé branch today. You can also register here.


According to the rules currently applicable for the three Belgian regions, your domestic help can perform the following activities.

  1.  Home cleaning
  2.  Window cleaning
  3.  Washing and ironing
  4.  Mending laundry before ironing
  5.  Preparing meals
  6.  household shopping


They can also run small errands to meet the user's everyday needs (for example: go to the post office, buy bread, go the pharmacy).


The following are not considered as everyday needs: buying furniture, domestic appliances, audio-visual equipment or hot meals, delivery of newspapers and magazines, etc.


No other activity in your home can be paid for using service vouchers. It is prohibited to use service vouchers for the following activities: repairs, building work, alterations, wallpapering and painting, gardening, child care, looking after elderly or sick persons, etc.